BNV Biolab launches 'Dermafactor'

BNV Biolab (CEO Seong-Hoon Seo), a bio company, announced on the 14th that they has released ‘Dermafactor’, an ointment that boosts skin regeneration.

According to the company, Dermafactor is a product that helps quickly and cleanly normalize irritated and sensitive skin with natural moisturizing ingredients such as complex protein (MPF), Squalane, Jojoba Oil and Rosemary Oil, and can be used after hospital treatment or in combination with laser treatment.

An official from BNV Biolab said, “With the participation of many doctors, we have introduced a product that meets the original purpose of ‘Fast & Clean’ through numerous trials and errors regarding the formulation and ingredients. It is produced in a local pharmaceutical facility registered with the FDA).”

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