Product Introduction - SMPF Complex 1M

Hello, this is BNV Biolab.
Introducting BNV’s SMPF Complex 1M.

SMPF Complex 1M is a solution for skin rejuvenation using MPF.
MPF is a type of protein that is naturally produced in human body which also helps circulate our skin cycle.

The ingredients of SMPF Complex 1M are composed of various ingredients, including MPF, that help calm the skin down.
Better effects will appear when it is applied after dermatological treatment than simple application.

SMPF Complex 1M is made in USA, also manufactured in an FDA-approved pharmaceutical facility. You could fully trust the safety of the product.

SMPF Complex 1M is a product supplied for the professionals. 
For further information on how to use it, please contact us for assistance. 

Thank you 🙂