Utilize proteins that matches 100% to human

Fibroblast is a type of biological cell that plays critical role in wound healing process by synthesizing signaling molecules, extracellular matrix and collangen to produces the structural framework for human tissues. BNV Biolab’s MPFTM includes cell signaling proteins that are 100% homologus to human gene and helps skin to rejuvenate.


Includes regenerative signaling molecules

Wound healing is refered to as replacement of destroyed or damaged tissue by newly produced tissue. The process is divided into 4 phase and each phase require different types of signaling molecules. Our product includes all of the signaling molecules required for 4 step wound healing process.

Safety And Market Proven

All of BNV Biolab products are manufactured under the US FDA approved drug cGMP process. The trickiest ones are made in the USA, so safety is guaranteed. It is widely used in more than 500 hospitals in Korea, and its quality and performance have been proven by being presented more than 30 times at conferences.