Skin elasticity wrinkle improvement &
Skin regeneration

SMPF Complex1m

Skin Multi-Peptide Factor Complex

Dermal application of signaling proteins can improve skin’s texture and elasticity and smoothen the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Designed to repair the signs of aging and sun damage.

SMPF Complex2m

Highly concentrated MPF

It is a highly concentrated serum composed of MPF, peptides, vitamins, and other nutrients. It is an effective product for improving skin elasticity and improving fine lines and dull complexion caused by aging and UV rays.


No side effects

It was first used as a raw material for a products to makes skin elastic and had no side effects for over 10 years.


Safe production and management

Manufactured and managed in a US FDA approved facility.

Aging skin & Rejuvenation

Cell Science of Skin Rhythm

In product development, we focused on helping the skin recover smoothly and quickly.

Understanding the skin life cycle

skin aging is a natrual phenomenon that occurs when the life cycle of skin cells are prolonged and activity of fibroblasts are slowed down. Use MPF to activate fibroblast and regenerate your skin to regain the most ideal 4week skin cell life cycle.


Cause of Skin problem

The reason why various skin problems occurs is that life cycle of the skin cannot function properly due to environmental factors, such as dust, UV, and pollutants, and factors such as ingested food or aging inheritance

Hot and Cold rejuvenation

Hot and Cold rejuvenation are two most essential skin regenerative technology. Hot rejuvenation is using medical equipment to Regenerate skin, and Cold rejuvenation is replenishing signaling protein necessary for skin regeneration. Both of Hot and Cold regeneration must be used ato maintain young skin.

Aging Skin

We resarch and develop products with a focus on helping our skin life circle run smoothly and quickly. therfore, it is well complemented with professional treatment in hospitals, and can be used complementarily with excellent cosmetics.

How to use


Applicable for all types of skin rejuvenating treatment


Wash face using pH 6 cleanser to remove makeup and debris


Apply SMPF complex 1m solution on the face


Infiltrate SMPF complex 1m solution using medical equipment


Reapply SMPF complex 1m solution


Gently rub the solution in to skin