SMPF Complex 1m

The Original Skin Booster (aka-agi_jusa / the baby shot)

The fourth generation of the original skin booster. Designed to diminish the signs of damaged skin and rosacea while creating a brighter complexion by accelerating the rejuvenation cycle. 

This is accomplished by restoring the regenerative protein factors present in healthy skin with G4PRF-300™. Can be used with or without medical equipment.

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Perfect with or RF, HIFU, ultra sound post laser treatments

Increases and elongates laser effects

Suitable for sensitive skin

Product Specifcation

• G4PRF-300™, Hyaluronic acid, Amino acids, Mineral & Vitamins
G4PRF-300™️ can be made with human fibroblast or with synthetics 
• 2.2mL per vial / 5 vials per box
• Use 1 vial per treatment • Can be topically applied on its own or can be applied pre and / or post-laser treatments